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Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project (PSDSP) is an avant-grunge band from the Bay Area. PSDSP combines heavy riffs, melodious, spacy vocals, surprising lyrics, and virtuosic musicianship for a sound that picks up where Soundgarden left off, taking it further toward where Alice Coltrane was going. Lead singer and guitarist Eli Carlton-Pearson first conceived of the band after reading the comically verbose official title of the Golden Gate Bridge's suicide barrier. Well aware that music had provided him and many others with a reason to live in otherwise hopeless times, he decided to name his band after the barrier, in a move that was both tongue-in-cheek and dead serious. Joined by Brian Wilkerson on bass and Michael Pinkham on drums the band has become a cult favorite in their native Bay Area, and continues to surprise audiences everywhere with a well-rehearsed yet improvisational approach to heavy rock and roll.

Vocals, Guitar / Eli Carlton-Pearson
Bass, vocals / Brian Wilkerson
Drums / Micheal Pinkham

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psdsp Tour


4/20 Peri’s Bar, Fairfax CA 9pm with Sam Vega- KICKSTARTER KICKOFF!

5/10 19 Broadway in Fairfax, Midnite Madness set at Soundfest, featuring DJ Williams’ Shots Fired!a

5/17 19 Broadway follow up set with Bagel Riot and Flock of Seagulls, the band from the 80s (last part’s not true)

6/8 Peri’s Fairfax Fest Floor Mopping set in the only town we ever play ever.


3/30/19 Great American Music Hall in San Francisco with Soul Ska and Angelo Moore

10/13/18 Parachute Days Music Festival in Point Reyes, with El Radio Fantasique

7/19/18 Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA, with Luke Temple.

6/23/18 Peri's Bar with Everyone is Dirty and Milk for the Angry. 

6/9/18 Fairfax Festival, downtown Fairfax CA, main stage 1:30pm. 

3/23/18 Great American Music Hall, SF CA, with Soul Ska.

2/28/18 Bottom of the Hill, SF CA, with Milk for the Angry, Hyphyskazerbox and Chron